Furban Malti – A3 Poster

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Pirate Skull Poster

Pirate Skull Poster. From Buccaneers and Privateers to the famous cutthroats declared ‘Hostis Humani Generis’ i.e Enemy of Mankind, forever immortalized during the Golden Age of Piracy.


The tales of these Sea bandits stimulates our imagination and are a source of healthy, informative and provocative discussion till this very day. Our story, less mentioned yet nonetheless extraordinary takes us to the other side of the world, to a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, in a time way before the Caribbean made its name as a pirate haven. And yet as the years passed in the Mediterranean, a new breed of sea mercenaries was being forged from a race without options caught between the collapse and emergence of new vast empires. This is the story of the Maltese Corsairs. Second to none warriors who later on spread fear and destruction even within the ranks of the dreaded Barbary Pirates. Heroes were born in the suffering and bloodshed of our island’s history and their names and deeds will never be forgotten. This Pirate Skull Poster dedicated to them.


-Double Sided Poster

A3 in size

-Image of Furban Malti Skull on the front side and brief history of Maltese Corsairs on the back side.

– Shipped Via Cardboard Tubes to protect poster.

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Weight .050 kg