This is Malta Pirates Poster

This is Malta Pirates Poster


-Double Sided Poster

– Maltese Corsairs on the front side, a brief history of the Maltese SeaWolves on the back.

-Image of Furban Malti Coat of Arms on the front side and brief history of Maltese Corsairs on the back side.

– Shipped Via Cardboard Tubes to protect the poster



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This is Malta Pirates Poster


This is Malta pirates poster In 1660, it is reported that one out of three Maltese were Corsairs by profession. Or in simple terms, three out of every nine of your male friends would have been those Corsairs in this is malta poster. Choose your pick. This was Malta back in the days; a factory of experienced maritime experts and warriors who earned their daily bread by the tip of their sword, be it as mercenaries or licensed piracy.


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-Size A3

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