Sal-Aħħar Qatra Demm – A6 Sticker

Sal-Aħħar Qatra Demm – A6 Sticker


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Blood Shield Sticker


Blood Shield Sticker with every empire that left their mark on our island, our ancestors’ limits were tested beyond measure.  Sacrifices were made and blood was shed, yet till their last breath, they fought to survive. From defending bloodied bastions, taking the battle to the furthest corners of the Mediterranean in search of bounty and glory, rebelling and revolting against those who dared tread too far with our liberty or manning the anti-aircraft guns amidst tons of bombs dropped from above, to Malta’s independence. Sal-aħħar Qatra Demm. (Till the last drop of blood). 


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Size A6 (14.8 cm by 10.5 cm)

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