Victorious, Unconquered, Conspicuous and Proud T-Shirt

Victorious, Unconquered, Conspicuous and Proud T-Shirt


100% Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral Shirt made using Fair Trade Practices.

– Shirt In Black Colour only.

– Crew Neck.

– Jersey 4oz/ 155g

– Unisex Fit.

– High quality screen printing for soft feel and long lasting designs.

– Shirt in Picture is a Medium Size (M)


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    Victorious, Unconquered, Conspicuous and Proud skull t-Shirts men

    Skull t-shirts men

    In honor of our Grand Harbour, Capital and Maritime cities, the home and lair of the ‘Furban Malti’  we made this custom Victorious, Unconquered, Conspicuous skull t-shirt men. 

    Citta’ Vittoriosa – THE VICTORIOUS CITY, represented by the Castrum Maris aka St Angelo, which has seen its fair share of battles and sieges, yet still stands defiant and Victorious. 

    Citta’ Invicta – THE UNCONQUERED CITY, represented by the Spur. This site saw some of the most bloody hand to hand combat during the great siege and against all odds, firmly held its ground remaining Unconquered. 

    Citta’ Cospicua – THE CONSPICUOUS CITY, honored so after its hard-core and impregnable defenses. Having played an important role as a harbor since Phoenician Times as well as being the home of the mighty Vaxxell warships, (with their names on their respective naval stores still to this day) Cospicua is represented by the stern of a Vaxxell, these warships are recorded to have NEVER lost a battle at sea! Conspicuous indeed! 

    Citta’ Umilissima – ‘the most humble city’. However, due to its majestic palaces, gardens, churches, architectural marvels and just about everything else, the ruling houses of Europe nicknamed Valletta as “Superbissima” – THE proudest CITY! Skull T-shirt for men dedicated to the proud city! 

    Despite our size and against all odds, Malta remains – Victorious, Unconquered, Conspicuous and Skull t-shirt men. 

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