Building our Corsair Crew,  School by School…  Part 1

Maltese History

Building our Corsair Crew,  School by School…  Part 1

Full CIRCLE …Maltese History 

Building our Corsair Crew … School by School…  Part 1

The reason behind the creation of Furban Malti was the major disappointment in Maltese History. That such an important part of our Maltese History was barely mentioned at Schools (or not taught at all in my time)

Maltese History

Furban Malti Featured on the “Times of Malta” back in 2014

Yet, out of the ashes comes hope. As today, Corsairing is back from the dead and reviving itself in a number of schools… Also, we have recently launched the First ever specialized and animated  “Corsairs of Malta” guided Tours in Valletta.

BUT, big thanks must certainly goes to the many Academics who have researched this subject of our Maltese History in depth, those voluntary workers at our archives and our Teachers whose passion for the Real History of Malta is a top priority and today include Corsairing in the syllabus

Some of these teachers, who got to know about us generously have invited and trusted us to visit their students to give them an overview of the Maltese History of the “Furban Malti” of which everyone in Malta had a corsair or two somewhere in our family.

Perhaps some of us still do!

Maltese History

TVM – Ilwien Ta’ Belt Documentary about Maltese Corsairs in Valletta featuring Giacomo Muscat


Furban Malti along with Tour Guide Christian Schembri and Giacomo Muscat operating as the MALTA THEMED TOURS have also begun the FIRST ever “Corsairs of Malta” Children’s Private Tours specifically for our young generation of little “pirates” 🙂

In a nutshell a more child version friendly of our Adult Tours. Yet still highly educational, entertaining and above all FUN. Even for adults accompanying the children!

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