Maltese Skull Face-Mask

Maltese Skull Face-Mask


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Skull and Bones Covid Mask. The mere sight of the Maltese flag would raise hell. Vessels would not leave port and those caught out at sea would surrender without a single shot being fired. Few had the stomach for a bloody battle against this indigenous race of experienced maritime warriors. Those they encountered may have called them corsairs. (licensed pirates) , but to those back at home, they were heroes, their stories the stuff of legends.


After much patience research, sampling, and find a High-Quality MALTA Mask…whilst still looking good!

We’ve got for you:
💣A specially designed Mask to wear with pride… 🇲🇹☠👊👊
💣With HIGH-QUALITY COMFORTABLE 100% COTTON  MATERIAL– for comfort, long-term use, to last and avoid having to buy another mask….
💣AND most importantly – with the HIGHEST POSSIBLE SAFETY features…to keep your ship safe from enemy boarding parties ⚔️⚔️👊👊💣
Specifics of our high-quality mask:
💣 3 layered Mask ( Cotton)
💣 100% Cotton
💣 Re-usable
💣 Unlimited Washes
💣 Adjustable ear loops -comfortable, unbent ears. After a busy long at work, your ears will thank you
💣 Hidden adjustable nose clip
💣 Includes a 5 layer PM2.5 Filter (replaceable)
💣 Mask combined with the Filter offers HIGH protection.
    Delivery via Malta Post registered mail
  • Width – approx 21cm
  • Height: approx 12cm


Washing instructions:

  • Hand Wash or Machine Wash (using the delicates programme)
  • No direct ironing on print
  • No tumble dry

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Weight .020 kg