De La Salle College – Birgu Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 4

De La Salle College – Birgu Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 4

Building our Corsair Crew,  School by School…  Part 4

De La Salle CollegeBirgu

Out of the fire and destruction of the Great Siege of Malta and our island’s maritime past, local heroes were born. Furban Malti’s goal is to make sure these heroes, our ancestors’ names and deeds will never be forgotten.

Luckily for us, De La Salle College organizes themes for their students but even more interesting is that this time around, Ms. Abigail Azzopardi, a teacher at the school told us that this year’s theme was about Super Heroes.

And what better country well renowned for the Great Siege of Malta and it’s Maltese Corsairs to provide an army of Maritime Super Heroes….

Great Siege of Malta

Our gift from the Students 🙂

One by one, individual Maltese Corsairs made their way back from the pages of History onto the projector provided to us by the school in their hall. As an even bigger army of students from all classes sat down, absorbing and treasuring every second that their ancestors were just as cool and super as the characters they read about or see on TV.

Great Siege of Malta

We did leave the school with a particular booty worth Corsairing for.  This booty is definitely not for sale and remains to this day one of our most valuable Treasures!

Only our Ancestors, the Maltese corsairs really did exist and their brave deeds in particular to our heavyweight champion from Senglea, Juan Azzopardo really did change the world. Not mention the Maltese Corsairs had a huge part to play in the Great Siege of Malta.

Whilst we left the school without discovering whether Ms. Abigail Azzopardi was related to this super Hero …. What we do know for sure the students left the room much more knowledgeable and even more important for us…Prouder of their ancestors and of our Maltese Maritime legacy then when they entered. We all heard about the Great Siege of Malta. Now it’s time for the Maltese Corsairs.

So much so did we enjoy ourselves ….that we are now also doing “Corsairs of Malta” Children’s Private Tours. Highly educational, entertaining and above all FUN Even for adults accompanying the children! CLICK HERE for more info.

And if you’re an adult looking for something more spicy and brutal corsair guided tour than check out our 5-Star tours as confirmed on Malta Themed Tour Trip Advisor profile by the names of “For the Love of Gold” and our epic “Licensed to Steal” tour

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