St. Albert the Great College – Valletta Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 2

St. Albert the Great College – Valletta Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 2

Building our Corsair Crew, the History of Malta School by School…  Part 2

St. Albert the Great College – Valletta

The History of Malta

I will always remember the words of Salvu Mallia, whilst watching one  “Madwarna” program episodes which more or less were:

“How can you love someone if you know nothing about that person? The same it is with our the history of Malta and country…”

How can we truly appreciate our own country, the History of Malta and realize how proud we should be if the very interesting parts of how we were some of the best and fiercest Corsairs and sailors the Mediterranean had to offer are left out???

the history of malta

How much more do I have to hear about the Knights this and the Grandmaster that? It was always something occupied my thoughts during the history of Malta lessons at school.

I was always curious about my ancestors…what the everyday native was doing? How was he or she living? What is their story?

I never believed for a second that they were just those helpless peasants in distress as always portrayed.  Just as the way the Great Siege, 400 Knights singlehandedly halted the whole Ottoman Invasion force.

the history of malta

What about the thousands of Maltese Fighting men, a good number of them Corsairs,  hardened by a lifetime of fighting and looting at sea for a living!!!!

So you can imagine how excited we were to speak to two classes at St Albert The Great College in Valletta, to give a fresher perspective on the History of Malta.

Thanks goes to Ms. Jan Spiteri, a teacher at the same school, (as well as a co-founder of the Rejects Community.) Who we met during an event, as a result, she enthusiastically mentioned us to her fellow colleagues. ( Steve and Bernard) Responsible for teaching history. Who in turn, contacted us and give us this wonderful opportunity of which we truly enjoyed ourselves.

The history of malta

I still wonder who had the most fun, us talking taking a break from our day job to talk about Maltese Corsairs to an eager bunch of or the students themselves, who literally bombarded us with numerous questions. All of them thrilled that ever one of them had a licensed “Jack Sparrow” in the family.

The Rest, as they say, is History.

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