Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 3

Building our Corsair Crew, School by School…  Part 3

Building our Corsair Crew, Malta History, School by School…  Part 3

Inspire Foundation Malta – Summer School Outings

Here’s something different for your Malta history lessons… The Maltese Corsairs

Arming a ship for the summer for “Corso” took a lot of time, money and effort. Lots of preparation had to be done to make sure all was ready for the Summer. The peak Season of the Maltese Corsairs.

I can also tell that you organizing three outings during the summer for students of the Inspire Foundation also took lots of time and effort too. 🙂

Malta History

Yet worth every second, as it was and still is to this day, one of the most fun and rewarding things that we have ever done!

During the Hot summer of Malta, we organised Malta History lessons with a difference… Maltese Corsair walks for various age groups through our beloved Maritime Cities of Senglea, Bormla and Birgu.

Whilst the Corsairs are away, the children came out to play.

I couldn’t help thinking all during this tour, whilst explaining and showing off of how rich our Maritime History is, that at the same time back then, these children’s ancestors would have been busy earning their daily bread by the tip of the swords

We are grateful to  Adelaide Silva of the Inspire Foundation for recruiting us to organize these three corsairing voyages as a part of a Malta History outing.

Thanks also go out to the many cheerful and well-behaved children who eagerly formed part of our corsairing crew.

PS. The above opportunity was influential in the creation of our current “Corsairs of Malta” Children’s Private Tours headed by Tour Guide Giacomo Muscat.

Educational and Fun Tours in Valletta specifically for our young generation of “pirates”  Even for adults accompanying the children!

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